NY Top 100 Wrestler Ranking Requirments
The NY Top 100 Rankings is a ranking system for NY state youth wrestlers.

1: Wrestlers must be from NY State and wrestle for a NY state wrestling club.  Unaffiliated wrestlers must provide us with a school/town to be considered for rankings.

2: Wrestlers must be 12 or younger. We do not rank modified wrestlers.

2: Wrestlers must mark down the HIGEST 'Experience Level/Ability'. We do not rank modified wrestlers.

3: Rankings are based on actual birth date.  Wrestlers must provide us with their birth date. No wrestler will be ranked unless we have their birth date.

4: Rankings are done from the NY Top 100 tournaments and what we call "Secondary Tournaments"

5: Rankings are NOT done by a point system, they are agreed by a committee. Rankings are based on how you do at NY Top 100 and Secondary Torunaments. Wins and loses are looked at as well as who you beat/lost and how (pin,points,major,tf,forfeit).

6: Weight and age are taken into consideration when doing the rankings. Not all tournaments are the same and most use the madison system. So with that in mind we do take into consideration losses that occur to wrestlers who are not in the weight/age of the ranking

Experience Level:

While registering for NY Top 100 tournaments the question 'Would like to participate in the NY Top 100?'.  In order to be considered for the rankings you must mark YES, any unanswered or NO will not be considered for the rankings.  While registering 'Experience Level:' (or something simalar) may be asked. In order to be considered for the rankings the highest experience level available must be selected. We do receive this information and will NOT rank anybody who puts anything other then the highest/top experience level or anybody who puts NO for the NY Top 100 (or leaves blank).

Secondary Tournaments:

Secondary Tournaments are any tournaments that provide results to us. We do not just take 1st place kids off of secondary tournaments and rank them, wrestlers must beat or do well against already ranked wrestlers.

Relying on secondary tournaments is not a good idea because you may not wrestle against any NY Top 100 or ranked wrestlers there.

Secondary tournaments are used to try and get the most accurate rankings.