NY Top 100 Tournament Requirments
The NY Top 100 is a title placed on tournaments that agree to our standards and requriments. The goal of the NY Top 100 system is to raise the standard of youth tournaments in NY state and to help separate experienced wrestlers from novice wrestlers in NY. In doing so helping both experienced and novice wrestlers. The results from the NY Top 100 tournaments will be used to rank youth wrestlers by birth year and weight group.
Tournament wanting to be a NY Top 100 tournament must contact us at webmaster@nyyouthwrestling.com and agree to the following:

1: Tournament must be held in NY State.

2: Tournament must use Certified Officials.

3: Tournament must have weigh ins. (no honor weigh ins, no coaches weigh ins)

4: Tournament must email all results back to us within a week of the tournament. Included in the results must be each wrestlers Full Name, Club/School Name, Birth Date, Actual Weighed In Weight, Experience Level (If seperating by experience).

5: Tournaments must be held within the season (from November - States) and can't be held at the same time in the same section/region as a state qualifier. Example: the weekend the NYWAY or NY-USAW holds their Central Regional there can be no NY Top 100 tournament in that section/region during that weekend.

Seperating Wrestlers By Experience:

Sepearating wrestlers by experience is allowed in NY Top 100 Tournaments.

If seperating wrestlers by experience then the experience level must be returned to us.

Wrestlers that mark the higest experience level will be eligible for the rankings.

If no experience level is asked then all wreslters will be eligible for the rankings.