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11/9/2019 - 2019-2020 NY Top 100 Tournament Rules

1.  ALL NY Top 100 tournaments must have there registration form/page approved by NyYouthWrestling.com before being posted on this site or any other site. Any question changes must be approved by NyYouthWrestling.com. If you see a NY Top 100 Tournament posted on another site, that is not on this site, then it is NOT a NY Top 100 Tournament.

2.  NY Top 100 Tournaments will not be allowed to ask for, or seperate by, past records or years wrestled. If seperating wrestlers, NY Top 100 Tournaments must do so by asking for experience levels and then providing that expience level for the wrestler to choose. Experience levels of EVERY wrestler must be returned to us with the results.

3.  NY Top 100 Tournaments MUST must use Certified Officials for EVERY match.

4.  Top 100 Tournaments must weigh in every wrestler, regardless of experience level. All weights must be returned with results.

5.  NY Top 100 Tournaments must be held before NYWAY States and can NOT be held on the same day, in the same region as a NYWAY Regional.

6.  All tournament results must be returned AND include every wrestlers full name, birth date, weight (what they weighed in at), club name, and experience level (if asked for).

8/26/2021 - New Milestone

Lucas Bray (Bison) received his 100th win at The Rhino Rumble 9U Duals in Marion, OH on February 7, 2021!

8/23/2021 - New Milestone

Kellan Winters (Brawler Elite) received his 100th pin at The 2021 Tyrant Bison Duals in York, PA on July 11, 2021!

5/26/2021 - Anouncement - Tournaments Cancelled

The High School Tri-State Championships and The Battle For The Cup At The Rink have been Cancelled.

5/14/2021 - New Milestone

Brady Maneri (Ruthless Aggression) received his 1000th win at The 2021 NYWAY State Championships in Rochester, NY on May 8, 2021!

4/8/2021 - New Camp

The Mich Clark - 2 Day Camp at The Den will be held at The Lions Den Martial Arts & Fitness in East Greenbush on June 19th and 20th 2021. Registration

2021-2022 NY Top 100 Tournaments

Wrestler Profile - NY State Girls Division

Gabby is one of the top wrestlers in the NY State girls division. Gabby has won 3 NYWAY Girls State Championships in a row (2019,2018,2017). Gabby has also 2 NYWAY G2 King Of The Mat Girls Spring National Championships (2018,2017). Gabby also took 3rd this past year at the NUWAY Girls Nationals in Michigan.

Gabby has no problem competing with the boys either. She is a three time 'All Far West Regional Wrestler' Finishing 2nd in 2019, 3rd in 2018 and 2nd in 2017. Gabby also won a NY Top 100 Championship at the 2019 Spartans Wrestling Tournament. She took 3rd at the 2019 Pioneer NY Top 100 Tournament , 2nd at the 2019 Lancaster NY Top 100 Tournament.

Great job Gabby!

NY Youth Career Milestones 2019-2020

1000 Win Club
Brady Maneri  (Ruthless Aggression) - received his 1000th win at The 2021 NYWAY State Championships in Rochester, NY on May 8, 2021