NY Youth Wrestling Ranking FAQ
Q. What are the NY youth wrestling rankings based on?
A. The rankings are based off results from ALL tournaments posted online. There is no point system. We rank the wrestlers based off who they beat, how badly they beat them, who they lost to and how badly they lost. Head to Head competition and quality wins are huge in the rankings. After that how kids compete and place at NY Top 100 tournaments.
Q. What is a NY Top 100 Tournament?
A. NY Top 100 Tournaments are marked. These tournaments agree to our standards and also return to us the results and other information including weight and birth year of wrestlers. This is us trying to bring the best competition in NY together. This benifits the top wrestlers in the state as well as novice wrestlers.
Q. My wrestler is not ranked and should be. What do I do?
A. First, has your wrestler wrestled in a tournament (this season) that has posted their results somewhere? We don't rank a wrestler unless we see them in a tournament from the current season. That is why the rankings generally start off small and build as the year goes on. If he has wrestled in a tournament, this season, that has results posted (anywhere) then email us at webmaster@nyyouthwrestling.com
Q. My kid has beaten a kid who is ranked at a tournament, can I email this info in and have him ranked?
A. We only go off of results given to us by the tournaments or results posted online. If it is posted somewhere, we will take a look if not you can still email us this information and we will keep an eye out for your wrestler, but we need to see the actual tournament results posted (somewhere) for the rankings.
Q. Are Qualifiers and States considered in the rankings?
A. Yes. Any regional qualifier or state championship, that post results, will be included in the rankings.
Q. Are you affiliated with NYWAY, USAW or AAU?
A. No.
Q. Will losing to a wrestler outside of my kids weight or age class hurt his rankings?
A. That will all be taken into consideration.
Q. I was told that your site doesn't rank elite NY kids that travel to PA and NJ?
A. 100% False. There are many people who like to talk about our rankings with ZERO knowledge of what we do. Have we missed kids in the past? Of Course. Do we use Track and Flo wrestling to try to get the rankings as close to accurate as possible? YES! If you have any questions about the rankings or think our rankings are wrong, email us. We will look through our notes and either tell you why we ranked wrestlers the way we did or we will change them. It's that simple.
A. My wrestler is not going to NYWAY States or NY-USA States, will that hurt his ranking?
A. Yes, any wrestler that does not go to NYWAY or NY-USA States will be removed from the final rankings. States is the ultimate tournament for our rankings. If your wrestler isn't going to go then we have to ask why. Is he ducking somebody? did he move out of state? Is he hurt? Either way, he's not proving on the biggest stage that he deserves to be ranked where he/she is.
Any questions please email us at webmaster@nyyouthwrestling.com